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December 10, 2013 The Polar Express and Christmas Fun! By Erin Klein
Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

    In second grade, we host a holiday celebration where families come in to participate in a mini-workshop and share their holiday traditions with our grade-level friends. The children are thrilled to have their loved ones explain the rich family traditions that they hold dear. As a teacher, I continue to learn so much from the variety of cultures we have within our school. I enjoy hearing the children draw natural similarities between their traditions and the traditions of their friends. My next post will highlight these workshops along with the ones the teachers share.

    As a part of our Christmas sharing, we take part in reading The Polar Express and doing a few winter activities. The children always enjoy this book and get involved in such interesting conversations around the themes within the story. 


    The Polar Express

    Writing Fun

    This writing packet includes a week's worth of creative writing activities that go with The Polar Express. The packet contains the following:

    Download (for free) this Polar Express Writing Unit!

    I love using The Polar Party Pack for all sorts of printable fun. We distribute a ticket to each child. (They love receiving their pass for the train ride!) That morning, I place a coloring page on each child's desk. They're always so excited for school this day, and the coloring page is simple and calming. I also put one of the recipe cards in each student's mailbox to take home too. There are 21 total pages, including music sheets with song lyrics to enjoy!

    Party Pack

    Download The Polar Party Pack


    Holiday Door Decorations 

    Holiday or Winter Theme

    Our parents are wonderful about helping out in the classroom. They are also very creative. Each holiday, parents come to help decorate either the interior of our rooms or the entrance around the door. Sometimes they do both!  

    After school, a few parents stop by the classroom to set up and decorate. The children absolutely love seeing the creative surprise when they arrive to school the following day. Below are a few photos of our second grade doors.

    You can click here to see these doors up close.


    My Favorite Winter Craft

    Door Stopper Snowman


    Please connect with me on Pinterest today!

    Be sure to check back next week where I'll highlight other holiday traditions! Happy Holidays!



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