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August 28, 2009

Free Field Trip Money!

By Eric Antuna
Grades 3–5


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Blog Post
Using Primary Sources in the Classroom

Teacher advisor Eric Antuna recommends engaging students in a research project at the end of the year after state testing.

By Eric Antuna
July 14, 2015
Blog Post

This has been such an exciting year with so many twists and turns, flips, and fumbles.  It has been a great year for me and it saying good bye is very, very bittersweet. Here are some highlights from the year that I really enjoyed:

By Eric Antuna
June 10, 2010
Blog Post
Change is in the Air!

There's been a lot of change this year, and what a year it has been! I was involved with several different types of programs at my school, including the School Site Council, the Student Success Teams, the Technology Liaison for the district, our After School Safety and Enrichment Program, and many other things! I have grown as a teacher and have learned so much from my role here as the 1st and 2nd grade Teacher Advisor for But things are a changing!

By Eric Antuna
May 27, 2010
Blog Post
Happy Mother's Day!

To all mothers and moms-to-be, have a fantastic day! There is no harder job in the world!

Thank you for all you do!

By Eric Antuna
May 9, 2010
Blog Post
Students Make Videos for End-of-Year Review

In the few weeks before the school year ends, you may find that making a video not only provides students with worthwhile review, but also provides great material to preteach or reteach with next year's students!


By Eric Antuna
May 6, 2010
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