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January 31, 2014 Contemporary Images for Black History Month By Christy Crawford
Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

    Photo Credit: Eunique Jones Gibson for the Because of Them, We Can™ Campaign

    In February, will your school be flooded with antiquated pictures of Frederick Douglas or Harriet Tubman? Will it be flooded with images that don't resonate with most kids or adults? Refresh history lessons with culturally relevant images that will excite and inspire. Check out the Because Of Them, We Can campaign and one savvy mom's push to change the way we teach history. Take a sneak peak at her story and photos below.

    Students in Baltimore, MD, are armed with facts and study guides and are gearing up for grand assemblies dressed as their favorite Because of Them, We Can historical icons. What could you do with Eunique Jones Gibson's powerful images? Take a look at some of the ideas below and then share your ideas with our readers.

    1. Blast a image on your whiteboard or a large wall to spark substantive conversation for morning meetings. Grab the book or print images from the site to jumpstart writing notebook entries and be prepared to discuss the quotes or text on each picture.


    2. Have students research their favorite historical icon and then photograph themselves in period costumes for engaging e-biographies using StoryKit, StoryBuddy 2, or Book Creator. (These e-book creation apps allow users of any age to easily add photos, draw, add text and audio, and share their creations.)


    3. Create an interactive museum. Have students shoot 2-3 minute short films about each historical icon. Upload your videos and create a QR code for each (For easy QR code instructions, see my post, QR Codes in the Classroom.) Place the QR code or compelling QR-coded audio underneath each icon's image. Give small groups or classes ample time to scan the codes and enjoy!


    Learn more about Eunique Jones Gibson and her campaign in the "Behind the Lens" series on PBS. For additional fresh ideas for black history month, check out my posts on the Negro Baseball Leagues and more at...

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