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August 13, 2010 Summer Goal Setting By Angela Bunyi
Grades 3–5


    School has ended for us here in Murfreesboro, and we have family in from Hawai'i, so I am sorry for the delayed post, but I did want to share some news and ask for your feedback about our plans for Top Teaching next year. I am also providing some personal tips on goal setting in and out of school.

    Photo: Consider creating goals outside of school perimeters. I am making my return to running, something I formerly excelled at.





    Creating and Attaining Goals Outside of School


    Do you have a bucket list? I am not a fan of the term, but there is some definite value to creating a list of "things" you want to do, preferably long before you die. I would like to share how I am tackling a few of my goals. My first premise is to get rid of the excuses. If it's a trip abroad, find an organization that is designed for teachers and/or college credit. Then find resources that can make that happen with little or no money. My next stop on my list is Machu Picchu and Cuzco in Peru. It's already marked on a framed map with flag pins. My map even has a color-coded key; I take traveling that seriously.

    With a little bit of searching, I found GEEO (Global Exploration for Educators Organization) that organizes two week summer trips designed for educators at a really low price. Dates are organized a year before or more and links for grants are provided to assist you on a free or near free trip. I have even recruited some other teachers to look at this organization. Let the grant writing begin!

    You can do it.

    Or there is my current conquest of getting back into shape for a full marathon next December. Lots of backwards planning and details go into making that happen. This has included eating correctly, doing weights, yoga, and core exercises, and, oh, running. Of course, it is quite the challenge to do that on my own, so I found support quickly. I emailed and spoke with my school faculty a few times, and here is what I was able to set up:

    ~ Daily workout in the library after school using the P90X program. Our group consisted of five teachers that kept me accountable of showing up and pressing "play" each day. Workouts consisted of abs, yoga, plyometrics, pull-ups, push-ups, weights, cardio — the whole nine yards. The average workout is one hour to one hour, thirty minutes.

    ~ Post-school workouts commence at my house, 7 am, and at another teacher's house on Tuesday and Thursday. Our 90 days of working out together goes all the way through the summer (week of August 6).

    ~ To keep eating healthy, our workout group started cooking for each other once a week. This included breakfast, two snacks, and a lunch. The key requirements were that meals not be processed, and that they be low in sodium and sugar, and in general, very healthy. What a nice way to stay on track and not have to make meal after meal from scratch each day.

    ~ Morning runs occur before anyone is up in the Bunyi household. My morning usually consists of a three mile run (for now).

    ~ I also joined a running group with a coach. We meet twice a week for speed workouts and longer runs. This group will continue through a half marathon at the end of September.

    ~ I also joined Miracle Marathon to run for a cause. My goal is to raise $250 for children under Hopegivers International.

    You can support me with just a dollar through this wonderful organization (your name is displayed, if you like).


    So, ask yourself before the school year is over, "What is it I REALLY want to do?" From there, determine when you want to do it by and start working backwards. For me, having social support and being vocal and open about my goals keeps me more accountable. Even posting my goals here keeps me accountable. August 6 is not too far away. Will I stay on track? There's not even a slight doubt in my mind. There's too much set up in my favor not to. And that's how you make it all happen.




    Top Teaching Plans for Next Year




    Although we are still in the planning phases, Top Teaching will look a little different next year. I will be returning along with a few new teachers (not sure if we can share this yet!). Up until now, I have written posts while teaching 3rd and 4th grades, and next year I will offer posts on 5th grade. I would love to hear your thoughts on what topics you would like to hear more about.

    But for now, I have a run to get in, a classroom to set up, a workout to get to, some family to spend some time with, and thoughts to ponder for next year. I am so blessed.

    Wishing you the very best, I am signing off until the next school year. My new room is almost complete, so I will post some photos shortly.

    Much respect,








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