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March 19, 2014 Test Prep With Pizzazz: Part 1 By Alycia Zimmerman
Grades 3–5

    Test prep can quickly suck the life out of the most vivacious classroom. Not only are we teachers combatting testing jitters, (both our students' jitters and our own!) practicing for standardized exams feels nothing like our normal inquiry-driven, project-based units.

    Last year, I shared a game plan for battling the "Test Prep Blues," including some of the “games” that make the practice work more palatable. In the video below, I demonstrate how I use “Table Team Challenges” to add some competitive and social spice to what would otherwise be simply stupefying test preparation. Mobile users can access the Table Team Challenges video here.

    What are your test prep tricks to help combat the glassy-eyed doldrums? Please share your suggestions in the comments section below! And stay tuned for another "Test Prep With Pizzazz" tip next week!

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