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October 18, 2013 Organizing My Classroom Library . . . Again! By Alycia Zimmerman
Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

    The classroom library is the heart of the reading workshop classroom — it's where the magic happens and regular kids are transformed into super readers. Anything I can do to get more books into my students' hands (and ultimately brains) is well worth the effort. So, after thinking about some of the under-utilized parts of my classroom library, I scoured the Internet (especially Genia's blog post) and my colleagues' brains for solutions. Then I put out a call for parent and student volunteers, and working together we gave several sections of my library a makeover.

    Check out our new and improved classroom library in this video tour! If you want to see more "before shots" and learn about how my library used to be organized, check out my blog post "Organizing My Classroom Library: The Never-Ending Story." In that blog post, I explain the rationale and management systems for my library. My library is evolving, but plenty of those ideas live on in my classroom.


    Classroom Library Labels to Download

    I create my book basket labels in Microsoft Word using text boxes and clip art. Here is a blank template you can download to make your own book basket labels. 

    You can also download all of my book basket labels on my class website. I print the labels onto cardstock and laminate them before taping them to the baskets in my classroom. The tape peels off the laminated labels easily when it's time to switch the baskets around. 


    Download My "New/Timely/Special Books" Label Set 

    Here's the collection of mini stick-on labels for the individual genre books. They are formatted to print on 1/2" by 1-3/4" labels like Epson 5169/8167. 

    Download My Mini Genre Labels

    I'd love to hear about your adventures with your classroom library! Share your ideas and questions in the comments section below. If you want updates about my future blog posts, follow me on Facebook or Twitter!


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