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February 6, 2014 A Valentine's Day Craft in 3 Super Simple Steps By Allie Magnuson
Grades PreK–K, 1–2

    Valentine's Day in kindergarten is all about friendship and it's so much fun . . . but it can also be expensive, messy, and frustrating. Here's a fun craft that's cheap, mess-free, and super simple.









    Waxing Sentimental and Melting Hearts


    • Crayons and sharpener

    • Scissors

    • Wax paper

    • Iron

    • Glitter, sequins, or confetti (optional)


    Step 1

    Cut heart shapes from wax paper (2 for each child).


    Step 2

    Have students decorate one of their hearts. They can color directly on the wax paper, or sprinkle crayon shavings on it. (Lighter colors turn out better, but any color or combination of colors will work.) Other decorations can also be sprinkled on. No glue required! When they're done, students should place their second heart on top of their first (decorated) one.


    Step 3

    Run the iron across the hearts for about ten seconds on low heat. The crayon shavings will melt, the two pieces of wax paper will bond together, and the decorations will be sealed inside.


    CAUTION I know this is obvious, but I have to say it: don't let children touch the iron! This step should only be performed by an adult.

    When the hearts are finished, tell everyone to sit in a circle. Call up each child one by one and have the rest of the class think of some adjectives or phrases that describe him or her. Vote on the best description, use a Sharpie to write it on the child's creation, and voilà! It's a valentine from the whole class.


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