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April 7, 2015 Quick, Creative Activities Using Basic Classroom Supplies By Allie Magnuson
Grades PreK–K


    The weather is warm, the birds are chirping . . . and getting kids excited to stay indoors and learn is a challenge. What do you do when all your ideas are the same old thing and, well, boring? You grab the trusty supplies you always have on hand and turn them into something different!

    As with any activity, closely monitor your kiddos to make sure they handle the stapler and scissors properly. Also, while our glue stick is nontoxic, you should carefully explain that it belongs on the paper lips, not the flesh ones.



    1. Tape Dispenser Snail

    Gently pop the tape wheel out of a disposable tape dispenser. Carefully roll out the tape and write some letters on it with a Sharpie marker. Then roll the tape back in, pop the wheel back in the dispenser, and decorate the outside to look like a snail. Students rip off each letter and affix it to the correct spot on the worksheet.


    2. Stapler Alligator

    Make a paper alligator head for your stapler and let students "bite" pictures of opposites.


    3. Scissors Rabbit

    Decorate a pair of child-safe scissors to look like a bunny rabbit with long teeth. Affix math problems to carrot shapes. Students can "eat" the answers by cutting them out and putting them on the corresponding carrots.


    4. Glue Stick ChapStick

    Decorate a glue stick to look like a tube of ChapStick. Make some paper lips, and cut up the letters of words with a silent e at the end. Students sound out letters to make a word, adding the e at the end to make the vowel long. 


    5. Tape Measure Tapeworm

    Add a paper head to a tape measure, and have students measure things around the classroom.


    6. Clothespin Dinosaur

    Make a dinosaur head to put on a clothespin. Make sure the head faces the direction that opens. Glue some paper teeth to the clothespin itself, inside the mouth. Let students solve "greater than/less than" problems by showing how the dinosaur always "bites" the higher number.


    7. Rubber Band Watch

    Make a clock face on a piece of paper, affixing the hands of the clock with a paper fastener. Glue the clock to a rubber band to make a watch, and help students practice telling time.


    8. Paper Pocket Kangaroo

    Print out some uppercase and lowercase letters, cut them out, and mix them up. Students put the uppercase letters around the mama kangaroo, and the lowercase letters in the baby pouch.


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