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November 18, 2014 10 Ways to Use Tinfoil and Tinsel for the Holidays By Allie Magnuson
Grades PreK–K, 1–2

    Now that we're nearing various winter holidays, it's time to start thinking about associated decorations and crafts. Instead of focusing too much on the actual holidays (usually one holiday in particular), it's a good idea to focus on the secular and seasonal. An easy way to do that is to make things silvery and shiny.

    Glitter is silvery and shiny. And fun and festive.

    It's also messy, time-consuming, and expensive. As an alternative, why not try tinfoil and tinsel? They're much easier to work with, much less expensive, and much more widely available.

    Following are ten ways you can use tinfoil and tinsel to brighten up your classroom for the winter season and its many holidays.


    1. Make sparkling icicles. Rip off a piece of tinfoil and twist it so that it tapers near the bottom. Repeat as many times as you wish, creating icicles of various lengths.

    Bonus tip: If you live in a warm climate that doesn't get snow and ice, hang the icicles from a string of white battery-operated lights on the edge of a windowsill (just fold the tops of the icicles over the string), and surround them with fake snow.


    2. Decorate your door, welcoming visitors to Tinsel Town.


    3. Make silver skates. Cut out ice skate shapes, add craft sticks for the blades, cover with tinfoil, and top with laces and pom-poms. Tie two together to make a pair.

    Bonus tip: Use this free printable ice skate pattern!


    4. Festoon your tables with garlands of tinsel.


    5. Affix an official seal onto disposable cups. Heat chocolate milk in a crockpot and serve straight from the North Pole (or wherever).

    Bonus tip: Ask your local Starbucks if they would be willing to donate child-size cups.


    6. Make a border for your bulletin boards using garlands of tinsel.


    7. Make pillow ornaments. Have each student decorate two circles of tinfoil, pop a cotton ball in the middle, glue the circles together, and tie with a string of tinsel.

    Bonus tip: Wrap the ornaments in tinfoil sheets to give to parents as gifts.


    8. Decorate your windows or your walls with foam wreaths wrapped in tinsel.


    9. Make silver necklaces. This is another easy gift idea. Fold a rectangle of tinfoil in half to make a square. Put a square of tagboard inside to reinforce it, slip in a string, and glue it all together. Then decorate.

    Bonus tip: Top off each wrapped gift with a tinsel bow. (Thread the tinsel around a candy cane to make it curl).


    10. Decorate a shelf for an elf.




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