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Viviane Schwarz




United Kingdom

Viviane Schwarz is the author of the acclaimed picture book, The Adventures of a Nose as well as Shark and Lobster's Amazing Undersea Adventure. She has also had comics published in the German children's magazine, Der Bunte Hund.

Her latest title is Timothy and the Strong Pajamas. The story was inspired by Viviane's grandmother, who used to make stuffed toys for her. "She'd make them using my favorite picture book characters fro reference," says Viviane. "Whenever it was time for a present I could ask for absolutely anything and she'd make it. It was like magic! It's also inspired by the rest of my family. When I was little we always had craft projects going, and they never discouraged me from even the most ambitious plans. I was always dreaming that somehow we could invent and make something truly spectacular and good. In this book, that's what actually happens..."

Viviane Schwarz lives in London, England.

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