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Trudie Trewin





Trudie Trewin is the author of I Lost My Kisses, Stowaway, and Toby's Trouble.

Trudie grew up on a farm in South Australia. "My love of writing began when, with the help of a rickety old typewriter, my brother and I published the weekly 'Thornton Park Times' (Thornton Park was the name of our farm)," states Trudie. "We covered hard-hitting stories like 'Did we really eat Mary for tea last night?' and 'Tank the hero cat kills two snakes'." While she enjoyed creative writing as a student, when she left school, she worked in a bank. "All my jobs from then on were working with numbers instead of words," she says.

After marrying and having three boys, she turned back to writing. "Since the boys loved the stories I made up for them," states Trudie, "I decided to give children's writing a go. And I'm glad I did, it turns out it's the best job for me after all."

Trudie Trewin lives in North Queensland, Australia with her family. For more information, please visit

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