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Todd Mack




United States of America

Todd Mack is an author, singer-songwriter, producer, and radio host. Over the past twenty years or so he has published two picture books, released six CDs of his own music, played more than a thousand gigs, traveled some half a million miles on tours he booked and promoted himself, ran a booking agency, opened a recording studio, produced dozens of bands, created a radio show to promote indie music, pumped gas, washed dishes, bussed tables, parked cars, and dug a ditch or two.

The character of Princess Penelope came about when Mack made the switch from touring musician to a stay-at-home dad who almost never left home. “Understandably, my daughter and I got to know each other very well,” says Mack. “Princess Penelope is my impression of what life must look like through the eyes of a little girl.”

Todd Mack lives in Southfield, Massachusetts, with his wife and their two children.

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