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Roddy Doyle







Born in Dublin, Ireland, Roddy Doyle has become one of the most celebrated Irish authors of the late twentieth century. Doyle received his Bachelor of Arts from University College Dublin and upon graduation worked as a Geography and English teacher in Kilbarrack, North Dublin.

Roddy Doyle's first novel, The Commitments, was self-published in 1987 to great critical acclaim, and adapted into a hit movie in 1991. Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha won Doyle the Mann Booker Prize, the United Kingdom's highest literary honor. His A Star Called Henry was an international bestseller, and the much-anticipated sequel Oh, Play That Thing is a Fall 2004 publication.

Roddy Doyle's first book for children was The Giggler Treatment, a romping adventure about the Mack family, Rover the dog, and the Gigglers — creatures that dream up devilish punishments for adults who are mean to children. The book became a New York Times and BookSense bestseller, and was heralded as “clever, insightful, nonsensical, sensical, knowing, amusing, witty, wacky” by the New York Times. Publishers Weekly called it, “A bracingly rude dose of fun.”

Doyle's next book continues the saga of the Macks and answers the burning question: What happens when Rudolph the Reindeer calls in sick? In Rover Saves Christmas, Doyle's dog hero takes Santa on the ride of his life. Publishers Weekly calls it “Invitingly loopy . . . enormously entertaining.”

And in The Meanwhile Adventures, Roddy Doyle's latest book, Mr. Mack is back and he's just invented a saw that looks remarkably like a machine gun. When he shows it to the bank manager to help secure a loan, the police swarm in to arrest him. Meanwhile, Mrs. Mack is trying to set a record for circumnavigating the world without telling anybody. It's up to the Mack kids and Rover the jaded wonder-dog to save their father and the world from bullying prison guards, nasty orphan catchers and an army of ill-mannered slugs.

Roddy Doyle lives in Ireland with his family.

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