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Paula Danziger


Washington, DC


District of Columbia


United States of America

Award-winning and beloved author, Paula Danziger died on the afternoon of July 8, 2004 at St. Luke's Hospital in New York City after complications from a heart attack at age 59. Danziger is best known as the author of The Amber Brown series and the modern classic, The Cat Ate My Gymsuit. Set to celebrate its 30th anniversary this fall, The Cat Ate My Gymsuit quickly established Danziger as one of America's most popular authors for young adults. To learn more about this much-loved author, take the quiz below, created by Danziger herself.Instructions Close your books. Take out a pen or pencil. Have a great time while taking this “test”! Print out this page, and circle all the correct answers. There may be more than one. 1. Paula Danziger A. was raised by wolves. B. lived on a farm in Holidaysburg, PA, for 3 years. C. was born in Washington, D.C. D. lived in Arlington, VA; Nutley, NJ; Metuchen, NJ (while growing up). E. has 12 brothers and 32 sisters. F. has 1 brother. 2. Paula's interests while growing up were A. art. B. tap dancing. C. cooking. D. embroidery. E. reading. F. writing. G. playing. H. synchronized swimming. 3. Paula's hair color is or has been A. blonde. B. brown. C. black. D. red. E. yellow. F. plaid. G. gray. 4. Paula's favorite food groups are A. sugar. B. pizza. C. vegetables. D. tuna burgers. E. sprouts. F. s'mores. 5. Paula was influenced to read by A. parents. B. teacher. C. librarians. D. dysfunctional wolves. E. all of the above. 6. Paula was influenced to write by A. loving to tell stories. B. loving comedy. C. learning cursive writing. D. wolves. E. a poet named John Ciardi, whose children she used to baby-sit. F. loving language. 7. Paula was educated at A. grammar school. B. grammer school. C. high school. D. low school. E. university. F. unicycle. 8. Paula has a bachelor of Arts degree in A. English. B. Pig Latin. 9. Paula has a masters degree in A. reading. B. wolfology. C. basket weaving. D. writing ��� creative and cursive. E. all of the above. 10. Paula has had jobs as a A. gift wrapper at a department store. B. bowling instructor. C. playground supervisor (specialties: ending lanyards and finding shortcuts to making pot holders). D. wolf tamer. E. teacher of 8th and 9th grades, counselor, and reading coordinator at a college. F. Baby-sitter. Answer Key 1. B, C, D, F 2. A, E, F, G 3. A, B, D, G 4. A, B, F 5. A, B, C 6. A, B, C, E, F 7. A, C, E 8. A 9. A, C, E, F 10. D
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