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Pamela Duncan Edwards




United States of America

Pamela Duncan Edwards is a bestselling author of more than twenty-five popular picture books. Her titles include While the World is Sleeping, Livingston Mouse: Roar!, A Noisy Counting Book, Hank, and Some Smug Slug.

Pamela grew up in northern England. She taught preschool for eleven years. She moved to the United States with her husband and two sons over twenty-five years ago. After moving to the US, she became a children's librarian.

Because of her teaching background, her books present early learning concepts and use many literary devices. In many of her stories, animals are the main characters. "I guess I'm almost unaware when I'm creating characters that I lean toward animals," says Pamela.. "It just seems to happen. I live in the country and from my window I see animals playing all the time. In my yard I have squirrels, huge numbers of squabbling birds, a fox mom who regularly presents us with fox kits each year, and a sweet, fat groundhog who lives under our deck. They're part of my life and they've all managed, or will manage, to find their way into my books at some time or other."

Pamela Duncan Edwards lives with her husband in Virginia. For more information about her, please visit

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