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Noah McCullough




United States of America

Watch a video interview with Noah McCullough.

Noah McCullough is a proud American teenager who is taking leadership and patriotism seriously and to a new level. He is preparing himself now to lead our nation as Commander-in-Chief in 2032. Noah is passionate about United States history and believes part of his mission involves getting others "hooked on history," especially young people. He contends that if more young people knew the history of the United States that there would be no question as to whether they would vote when old enough and be involved in solutions and service to our country.

Noah's fascination with U.S. Presidents happened as a result of the 2000 election. He was intrigued as a kindergartner about the electoral college, party system, campaigning and the fact that all through history presidents have shown themselves to be just ordinary people serving in an extraordinary position. Noah's thirst for knowledge and love of books sent him on a lifelong quest to know more about the great country he lives in as well as to be of service to it.

Noah has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno many times as a political correspondent and history whiz kid. Viewers nationwide have been intrigued with his quick wit, knowledge and quest to serve. He has also appeared on Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, The Today Show, as well as many news programs. Noah was a Scholastic Kids Press reporter for the 2004 election year as well as at the 2005 inauguration. At the age of 10, Noah became a published author. The Essential Book of Presidential Trivia was published by Random House in 2006. This book consists of chronological biographies of each president along with facts and trivia. His second book, First Kids, highlights the lives of presidential children and what they are doing now. Noah enjoys writing and researching and hopes to write several more books before going to college.

Inspiration is what keeps Noah going. He is inspired by each and every president that has led this nation. His goal is not only to become President but to be an effective leader who leads by example. Currently he remains committed to helping raise money for research that will cure diseases as well as solving the Social Security problem in order that his classmates will not have to pay into the program but get nothing out when they will one day need it.

Noah keeps busy speaking all over the United States. He speaks in elementary, middle and high schools about being altruistic, giving and making a difference. He speaks at churches, corporate events, political events, conventions, motivational conferences, etc. He feels blessed and humbled by the opportunities to write, speak and inspire others. Noah is in pursuit of his dream to be president by living a life of excellence and service. However, he is also a regular kid who enjoys music, basketball, football, sports statistics, video games and pizza (not necessarily in that order).

Research for this book reminded Noah what public service involves. Presidents were elected but their children were not and often suffer the scrutiny and judgment of the people and the press. Presidents and their families give up their privacy forever and their family bond is often challenged by the rest of the world always watching. Studying the lives of First Kids has given him an even greater admiration for presidential families and all they go through as well as an appreciation of the First Kids for sharing their parents with all of us for the good of a stronger nation.

Noah's motto remains "Vote for me in 2032 on the Republican ticket!" He urges you to read his books and others about our nations history!

Noah McCullough lives in Colorado with his family.

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