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Marc Tauss


New York


New York


United States of America

Marc Tauss is a photo-illustrator and a writer. He spent his childhood inventing gadgets and daydreaming - still two of his favorite activities. He has photo-illustrated Desiderata: Words for Life by Max Ehrmann, Leaf by Leaf by Barbara Rogasky, and Half-Human edited by Bruce Coville. And for more than twenty years, his distinctive photographs have graced countless book jackets, including the Scholastic Press books Learning to Swim and the forthcoming Hard Hit by Ann Turner, and Drawing Lessons and Birdland by Tracy Mack.

Superhero, Marc Tauss's debut as both author and artist, brings every young superhero's fantasy to life through spare text and mesmerizing black-and-white photo-illustrations. Maleek may be a small boy in a big city, but he's no ordinary kid. He's a scientist and a superhero! So when his beloved city's parks and playgrounds mysteriously disappear, it's up to Maleek and his robot Marvyn to save the day.

Marc Tauss lives in New York City.

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