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Lisa Burnett Bossi






United States of America

Lisa Burnett Bossi is an illustrator and graphic designer. Her enchanting paintings are inspired by dreams, nature, and wishes for a peaceful and compassionate world. Along with Andrea Alban Gosline, she is one of the co-creators of BossiGosline Pictures and Verse. Their inspirational books, heartfelt greeting cards, and simple treasures draw from a love of cozy homes and the wonders of the natural world.

Lisa grew up with her family along the shores of Cape Cod and Maine. She studied fine art and art history at Bowdoin College, where she also cultivated her love of singing and acting. Her travels across the country led her to San Francisco, where she met Andrea and began their wonderful creative partnership.

Her debut Scholastic Press title, January's Child: The Birthday Month Book is a heartfelt reinvention of the Monday's Child rhyme, affirming the gift of all children. When Andrea was struck by the negative message of the original rhyme, she and Lisa sought to create their own rhyme for children's birthdays and the positive qualities that each child enters the world with.

Lisa and her husband Adrian, built their home in Brunswick, Maine, where they live with their daughters, Lila and Clara. Meet Ms. Bossi online at

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