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Kate Cann


United Kingdom

Kate Cann is the author of several books for teens, including Posessed, Spanish Holiday and Grecian Holiday.

Kate never thought about becoming a writer, but she loved books and writing. "At school, I was rubbish at just about everything but English," Kate says. She went to Kent University in England and earned degrees in English and American Literature. She also met her husband.

After graduation, she worked at Time Life Books as a copy-editor. After her two children were born, she worked at home as a freelance copy editor. "By chance I was given some teenage books to edit," Kate says, "and I hated the way they treated sexual relationships: they were either full of gloom and doom, or were gushy, unrealistic candy floss. So I got bitten by the "I can do better than this' bug, and started writing. I remember the first day I started to write - it took me over." One year later, Diving In was published.

Kate used her diaries as material for her writing. "When I ran out of material from my diaries and memories," Kate says, "I realized my daughter and son were teenagers, and started eavesdropping on them and their friends. They were extremely tolerant about this although they did sometimes demand money from me"

After her children moved out, Kate and her husband moved to the country. She fell in love with nature and started to use it in her writing. "The move is very much linked to and helping my writing," says Kate "I think the sheer beauty and sensual power of nature is something a lot of kids are cut off from today."

Kate Cann lives with her husband in England. For more information about her, please visit

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