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Joëlle Anthony



Joëlle started out life in Portland, Oregon as a talker, then a reader, eventually a writer, and by her teen years, the sirens of the stage were calling her name. With a BA in theatre, and absolutely no other marketable skills (not even waitressing), she got some headshots made, and called herself an actress. Believe it or not, some people fell for it, and if you look really closely, and don”t blink, you can see her in movies like What The Bleep Do We Know? and The Temp.

The desire to write remained strong though and in between acting gigs, she began to scribble down her first novel for teens (which permanently resides in a drawer). Writing seemed to be her real calling and after many years of practice, and lots and lots of reading, she signed on with agent Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich Literary Agency. In the fall of 2008, he sold her first novel, a young adult book called Restoring Harmony, to Stacey Barney at Putnam (May 2010). In 2009, Putnam bought her second novel, The Right & the Real.

She currently lives on a tiny island in British Columbia with her musician husband, Victor Anthony, and two cats, Miss Sophie & Miss Marley. As for the future, their only plan is to avoid real jobs, write and play guitar in front of the wood stove, and live happily ever after.

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