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Jack Heath





Watch a video interview with Jack Heath.

Jack Heath is the award-winning author of three action-adventure books: The Lab, Remote Control, and Money Run. Jack started writing The Lab when he was 13 years old and had a publishing contract at 18. Most recently, he has been named the ACT Young Australian of the Year by the Australian Capital Territory.

When he's not writing, Jack is performing street magic, composing film music, teaching or lecturing at schools and festivals, or playing a variety of instruments including the piano and the bass guitar. He stoically ignores his lack of qualifications or training in any of these areas.

Jack was born in Sydney in 1986, but has resided in Canberra since age 9. He didn't intend to end up there, but he's afraid of big cities, small towns, and places where he doesn't know anyone. Every passing day makes it harder to leave.

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