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Georgette Noullet


United States of America

"For seventeen years, I worked within I.T. as a systems analyst/computer programmer. But even while I worked within the technical field, ideas for cute, funny children's stories kept running through my head! At the suggestion of a children's writing teacher to 'practice your writing skills wherever you can,' I introduced myself to the publisher of a local community magazine. She gave me a chance at freelance writing, and I continued writing articles for her magazine for six years.

"The work kept my creativity going while I continued with my children's writing and waited to receive responses from publishers. Selling my first children's magazine story was a complete thrill for me. And winning third place in a children's writer contest encouraged me to continue.

"Bed Hog is my first published children's book. It was inspired by my own pooch, Bailey, who rules the western Pennsylvania home I share with my husband and son."

Susan Cheyney

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