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Francesco Sedita




New York


United States of America

Francesco Sedita studied writing at the Gallatin School of New York University. "It's this incredible multi-disciplinary program that allowed me to study many aspects of writing, including screenwriting, fiction, and theatrical writing," he says. While at Gallatin, he was a Writing Fellow for Saturday Night Live. After graduating, he wrote and directed a show that ran Off-Off Broadway for 5 years. He is now the Creative Director at major children's book publisher. Miss Popularity is his first book.

Francesco has been writing since the second grade. "I wrote and illustrated a story about a dog named Blackie. My next-door neighbor read it, and when she told me how much she liked it, I realized right then that I wanted to be a writer. I love to tell people stories," he says. When he was in college, he focused on writing comedy, and even did stand-up for a time. In graduate school, he focused on writing literary fiction. "Miss Popularity seemed like a strange direction for me at first, but it was an editorial director at Scholastic who made me realize it was the book I was born to write!" says Francesco. "We were discussing the idea of a character who comes to a musty old school and totally transforms it with her personality and fashion sense, and we both had a really good laugh. And then a day or two later, I was walking down the street and the entire story came to me in a flash-I emailed my editor right away, and Cassie Knight was born!"

Francesco Sedita lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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