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Brandon Mull




United States of America

As a child, Brandon Mull wanted to explore other worlds through wardrobes and rabbit holes. When that didn"t work out, he resorted to daydreaming about such adventures instead. Inspired by the Narnia books and The Lord of the Rings series, Brandon explored imaginary worlds in his mind.

Brandon loves the story possibilities that emerge as he alters the rules of reality. “Fantasy helps us look beyond the actual, to the possible, and even to the impossible,” Brandon maintains. “Fantasy stretches our imaginations.”

Fablehaven, Brandon"s debut series, has sold millions of copies and has been translated into more than 30 languages. His Beyonders books are New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.

Brandon is excited to share his upcoming Spirit Animals book. “Wild Born is the first novel I"ve written where the story starts and finishes entirely in a fantasy world,” Brandon recounts. “The world, Erdas, is similar to Earth in some ways. It"s an Earth that never was.”

In this breakthrough multiplatform series, four children separated by vast distances discover that they have spirit animals, a rare bond that launches them on a quest to save their world.

“I"m thrilled about the many ways people will be able to interact with the story,” Brandon says. “If readers enjoy the world of Erdas, they can go online, choose a spirit animal of their own, and join the fun.”

Growing up, at one time or another, Brandon owned a dog, a cat, some fish, a horse, and a tarantula. “Animals have always interested me. It was fun to write a series where the characters have strong relationships with diverse animals.”

So, what"s Brandon"s Spirit Animal? “I"m reasonably smart, generally friendly, and kind of goofy,” he admits. “Though I"m no great swimmer, a good match might be a dolphin.”

After spending his childhood in California and Connecticut, Brandon now lives in Utah with his wife, four children, and the family dog.

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