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Bernette Ford

Even with more than a dozen books to her credit, Bernette Ford finds it tough to think of herself as an author. She”s an editor, a mentor, a wife, a mother. But an author? She doesn”t easily claim that title as her own.

But that”s just how many children and parents around the world know her best. They see her name on books they purchase, check out in libraries, read over and over until they can recite her words by heart. To them, Ford is the creator of beloved titles such as First Snow (Holiday House, 2005), No More Diapers for Ducky! (Boxer Books, 2006) and Ballet Kitty (Boxer Books, 2007). To them, Ford is an author whose books speak to them in a special way.

Ford, a pioneering editor, has often paved the way. Her Just For You! series launched the careers of many children”s book creators of color. She”s building a new legacy as an author. Through her stories, she”s helping children embrace early transitions, explore their trials and successes, and celebrate their desire to dance and dream.

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