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Anne Mazer




New York


United States of America




New York


United States of America

Anne Mazer grew up in a family of writers in upstate NY. She had a childhood filled with books and grew up surrounded by clacking typewriters, stapled-together drafts, and endless conversations about plot, characterization, and dialogue. An avid reader, Mazer admits that she would often sneak out of high school to go to the public library. But she didn't plan to be a writer, and she went on to study art, instead, at Syracuse University 's School of Visual and Performing Arts. She also studied French language and literature at the Sorbonne in Paris, where she lived for three years.

It was in Paris that Mazer began writing, but she didn't publish until after the first of her two children was born. Watch Me, her first published work, became one of a number of critically acclaimed picture books, including the classic The Salamander Room. Moose Street, published two years later, showed Mazer to be equally adept at crafting young adult novels. In addition to writing her own fiction, Mazer has edited several anthologies dedicated to showcasing the many cultures and socioeconomic situations in which today's young people live.

Anne Mazer is probably best known as the author of The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes series. It was inspired both by her own love of writing and by her ten year old daughter, Mollie, and friends.

As the oldest of four children, Mazer has extensive experience with annoying younger siblings. She drew on that experience to write her newest series for Scholastic, Sister Magic. "When I was five, my baby sister was born," says Mazer. "Although my younger brother and I were good friends, I wasn't too sure about this little sister. The moment I first saw her, I thought, 'uh-oh, here's trouble.' I had hoped for an adoring, docile little sister. But my sister was dramatic and fiery. When I wanted something, I'd try to get it by being extra-good. My little sister would simply open her mouth and demand it. When she got what she wanted, I was furious. Things weren't supposed to be that way..." Her magic expertise, is, alas, imaginary.

Anne Mazer currently lives with her family in Ithaca, New York. Want to know more? Check out

Five Fun Facts About Anne Mazer

1. Her favorite foods are popcorn, rice pudding and blueberries.

2. When she was a kid, she would sometimes read up to ten books a day.

3. If she had magic powers, she'd choose invisibility.

4. She painted the rooms in her house yellow, orange, and violet, (of course)!

5. One of her favorite childhood books was The Twilight of Magic, by Hugh Lofting.

Five More Fun Facts:

1. Anne Mazer is an older sister. Like Mabel, she thinks she has all the answers. But she's not a total Mabel...

2. When Anne was a teenager, her room was so messy that she almost needed a map to get from the door to the bed.

3. Like Mabel, Anne had good grades in school. But unlike Mabel, she flunked creative subjects, like writing and art.

4. Anne loves crazy colors and patterns that don't match. She wishes she had the power to turn lima beans (her least favorite food) into popcorn (her most favorite food).

5. Like Violet, Anne was very nervous on her first day of kindergarten. Unlike Violet, she didn't have magic to make things interesting.

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