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Patrick Matthews Author Visit Kit



Patrick Matthews is a writer and award-winning game designer living in central Florida. His first novel is Dragon Run, a fast-paced middle grade fantasy adventure. Mr. Matthews also writes a newspaper column, edits the Games for Educators newsletter, and speaks regularly at elementary schools about writing.
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Description of the Author’s Presentation

Why and How to Be An Author

Grades 3-5
30-45 minutes

This presentation answers the questions of why Patrick Matthews became a writer and how he creates stories. The presentation is both interactive and funny and uses specific examples from his writing to explain one easy way to write a story. Intended to both energize and inform, it leaves students with an immediate path to writing.

How to Use Details in Writing

Grades 3-5
30-45 minutes

This presentation  focuses on the use of details in writing. Are details important to a story? Why? How can they improve it? More importantly, how can writers find the right details? Using specific examples from both from his writing and from other popular works of fiction, Mr. Matthews engages the audience in an interactive discovery of how each of us can come up with the most effective details for our stories.

Conference and Festival Appearances

Patrick frequently speaks to adult groups of educators at state and national conferences and festivals and enjoys giving keynote addresses as well as breakout sessions and panel discussion groups.

Virtual Visits

Mr. Matthews is available for 20-minute Q&A style virtual visits with school, book, or library groups about any of his published works. Skype is preferred.

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

Mr. Matthews brings his own laptop, as well as a USB drive with a pdf of his slideshow. All he needs is a projector and a screen, though a walk-around microphone is always appreciated.


Mr. Matthews is happy to schedule visits for an honorarium of $500 per day, plus travel expenses if the distance is greater than 30 miles. He is happy to give multiple presentations a day, and is always willing to sign books and talk to students.

Ordering Books

Schools and libraries may order books at a discounted rate by visiting The Scholastic Teacher Store or by calling 1-800-SCHOLASTIC.

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