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Visit Kit

Pascal Lee Author Visit Kit


1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

Dr. Pascal Lee is an internationally known planetary scientist and explorer. He is the author of Mission: Mars, a nonfiction book on the future human exploration of Mars. Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut, had these words of praise: “Pascal Lee is a true pioneer of Mars exploration. This book makes me want to put on a spacesuit and go to Mars!”

Description of the Author’s Presentation

Pascal offers three program options. Each program consists of a stimulating PowerPoint presentation followed by an engaging Q&A period. Each presentation is adapted to offer just the right STEM content for Grades 1–12 and to fit within 20 to 120 minute class periods, as needed. Pascal will give as many presentations in a day as can be scheduled (provided no laws of physics are violated).

From Earth to Mars

Humans going to Mars will be the greatest adventure in space exploration this century. How will we get to Mars and how will we explore the Red Planet? Pascal draws from his research at NASA, in the Arctic, and in Antarctica, to offer a firsthand, behind-the-scenes account of ongoing efforts to get humans ready for Mars. Pascal’s presentation is the perfect companion to his book, Mission: Mars. For related videos and a CCSS-aligned teaching guide, visit

Space Rocks

An asteroid is about to hit the Earth! What to do? Call Pascal! He takes students on a whirlwind tour through space and time to explore asteroids and comets, and understand their threat (and potential benefits) to life on Earth. He will also discuss ongoing plans at NASA to get humans to near-Earth asteroids within the next decade, and the purpose and challenges of their deep space mission. To top it off, Pascal will bring a meteorite to class and examine it hands-on style with students.

Are We Alone in the Universe?

Pascal takes students on a mind-boggling journey through space, time, and the history of life on Earth, to examine scientifically where we stand on the possibility of alien life in the cosmos. He reviews what we know and still don’t about our place in the universe, and discusses the recent discoveries of planets around nearby stars. Pascal also examines the challenges and possibilities of interplanetary and interstellar space travel. Warp speed ahead!

Conference and Festival Appearances

Pascal is available to participate in conferences, festivals, and workshops. He can adapt his presentations to the general public or to specialized audiences, such as science teachers. Pascal can also give a fun-filled, 20 to 60 minute presentation on his personal journey as a space scientist (details below).

My Life on Mars: Adventures of a Planetary Scientist on Planet Earth

Want to hear what it was like to grow up in the least Mars-like place on Earth? Or what the Apollo program did for STEM competency and education in America? Or what it was like to be Carl Sagan’s last T.A.? Or what lessons for life can be learned from over 30 expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica? This is your talk!

Virtual Visits

Pascal’s presentations are not offered virtually. But he is available to revisit via Skype those classrooms he has visited in person during the year. Pascal’s virtual follow up visits may be used to get his input or feedback, or have him serve as a member of a jury, on student science projects and presentations.

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

Pascal will bring his own laptop, a power cable, and a VGA dongle adapter to connect his laptop to a standard projector. The host is to provide a projector, a screen, and if needed, a microphone. In case videos are to be shown from Pascal’s laptop (not required; just a nice option to have), he’ll need speakers and WiFi access.


School Visits (plus travel fee; see below)
Half Day: $1,300; Full Day: $1,800
Conferences, Festivals, Workshops (plus travel fee; see below)
Half Day: $1,500; Full Day: $2,000

Travel Fee (Flat rates. All bookings to be made by the author):
Within Bay Area Counties in California: $200
Elsewhere in California: $500
Pacific Time Zone Outside of California: $800
Mountain Time Zone: $1,100
Central Time Zone: $1,200
Eastern Time Zone: $1,300
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands: $1,500

Special discounts offered for schools located in disadvantaged neighborhoods. (Please contact Scholastic Author Visits Manager).

Follow-up Virtual Visits

Ordering Books

Schools and libraries may order books at a discounted rate by visiting The Scholastic Teacher Store or by calling 1-800-SCHOLASTIC.

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