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Jennifer Nielsen Author Visit Kit


3–5, 6–8

Jennifer Nielsen is the author of The Ascendance Trilogy, The Underworld Chronicles, and the 6th book of the Infinity Ring series. Among other honors, her book, The False Prince, was listed as one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2012, is one of the New York Times’ Notable Books of 2012, and is currently being adapted for film by Paramount Pictures. Jennifer is an experienced speaker and former teacher who currently lives in northern Utah. Visit her website:

Description of the Author’s Presentation

Jennifer’s presentations are all adaptable for various group ages and sizes. All presentations last 45 min–1 hour. They are student-focused, entertaining, and reinforce both academic skills and student success. In general, Jennifer offers the following presentations.

1. "Idea to Book"

There is a version for 3rd-5th graders, and another for middle and high schools. Both walk the student from the process of having an idea for a story through getting a published book. Emphasis is placed on the importance of research and revisions, and many of the myths of what it is to be an author are explored. Jennifer also references her career field in a discussion of the dangers of comparing ourselves to others as a measure of success. This is a fun, honest, and insightful look into what really is behind the published book.

2. "The Inner Extraordinary"

This has been a popular presentation for all elementary ages that compares becoming successful to a climb on Mt. Everest. Emphasis is placed on the importance of reading as key to becoming successful, but Jennifer also touches on themes of hard work, overcoming failure, and responsibility.

3. "It Takes Character"

Adaptable for all students from third grade up, this is a workshop presentation more appropriate for grade or class level groups where Jennifer gets the students writing and creating their own characters. In that process, they learn about such concepts as creating flawed protagonists, believable conflict, and the hero’s journey.

Conference and Festival Appearances

Jennifer enjoys speaking to young audiences, families, and adult readers and writers at literacy nights, conferences, and festivals. She is comfortable and experienced with all group sizes.

1. "10 Questions Why"

For younger groups, Jennifer does a 20-30 minute game-style presentation about why authors write. Highly interactive and fun, children are often surprised to find they actually learn some things too!

2. "The Middle-Grade Reader"

Aimed at those seeking to become published authors, this one-hour discussion focuses on how to write middle grade books that challenge, entertain, and draw in middle grade readers. It is packed with information and presented in an easy to understand way.

3. "The Psychology of Characterization"

This is a one-hour, interactive lesson for more advanced writers who are already working on manuscripts. It is not a how-to of characterization, but instead, helps the attendees to better understand the characters they have already created. Jennifer shows the attendees how to use principles of psychology to go deeper into their character’s minds, understand why certain scenes might not work, and even to delve into secrets the character might be withholding from their creator.

Virtual Visits

Jennifer enjoys visiting with classes, book clubs, and writing groups via Skype. In a thirty-minute visit, the focus is generally on allowing participants to ask questions of Jennifer. These tend to be rather informal, fun, and open. Skype visits tend to work best when the group has read all or part of at least one of her books and when questions are prepared in advance. Please contact the Author Visits Manager for a specific quote on rates.

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

For presentations, Jennifer will provide her own computer, but requires the use of a projector and screen (however, the presentation can be done without any AV when necessary). A microphone is necessary only if the group is larger than two classes.


Jennifer generally requests a $1,500 per diem honorarium, plus travel expenses when travel is required. However, if budget challenges are an issue, please contact the Author Visits Manager via the Author Request form for negotiated rates.

Ordering Books

Schools and libraries may order books at a discounted rate by visiting The Scholastic Teacher Store or by calling 1-800-SCHOLASTIC.

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