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Dinah Williams, an editor and children's book author, is fascinated by odd and unusual stories. She has written more than a dozen nonfiction books about a range of topics, including Abandoned Amusement Parks; Secrets of Walt Disney World; and Haunted Hollywood. Her book Spooky Cemeteries won the 2009 Children's Choice Award.

Dinah’s focus on the dark corners of history makes her presentations popular with kids who enjoy being creeped out. Her background as a book editor and fondness for primary sources ensure that kids learn about the publishing process and proper research techniques as well.

She lives in Cranford, NJ, with her husband and daughters, who hate all things scary. Learn more about Dinah and her books on her website.


Description of the Author’s Presentation

History Is Not Boring

Grades 3–5
45–60 minutes

Dinah’s interactive presentation of unusual and awful moments and individuals in American history employs primary sources to make the stories more fascinating than the ways they are commonly taught. Topics range from the crush-worthy George Washington, who escaped certain death numerous times only to be felled by a sore throat, to how San Francisco endured an earthquake and a fire in 1906, only to be set upon by plague-carrying rats.

With Dinah’s background as both an editor and an author, she’d love to work with a small group of dedicated students to improve their writing about American history.

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

Dinah uses a PowerPoint presentation that she brings on a USB thumb drive. She will need a computer with a wireless clicker connected to a projector and screen. For larger groups, she would like a sound system with a microphone.


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