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Visit Kit

Cyd Moore Author Visit Kit

Current home
Charleston, South Carolina, United States of America


PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8

For more than 20 years, Cyd Moore’s school visits have left behind a trail of smiling kids, inspiring gasps and giggles, creative thinking, and a love of story and art. A favorite speaker at conferences, libraries, and schools, Cyd has illustrated over 50 children’s books including the bestselling I Love You, Stinky Face series. You might have even seen her work on Happy Meal boxes and games or in magazines.

Her entertaining multimedia presentations include storytelling, sketches, and art progressing from her childhood to her latest projects. She whips out drawings and encourages teachers to make copies for every student. Even the most wiggly "worms" in kindergarten are spellbound for an hour of total fun.

For more information about Cyd Moore, visit her website and Facebook page.




Description of the Author’s Presentation

The Playful Spirit of Life, Art, and Story
Grades PreK–6
60 minutes

Cyd's high energy presentation is geared toward students in grades PreK-6 and art students of any age. Her drawing demonstrations and storytelling are interactive and engaging. Get ready for a romp through a creative world where stories hide under beds and up in trees, and doodles become adorable childhood favorites. Caution — there could be armadillos in the classroom and goblins on the lawn!

Conference and Festival Appearances

The Playful Spirit of Life, Art, and Story
30 minutes or 60 minutes

Get ready for a romp through an illustrator’s creative world where stories hide under beds and up in trees, and doodles become adorable childhood favorites. Ever wonder what happens after a manuscript is accepted for publication? Sketches go back and forth, editors come and go, and creative types sometimes get a little kooky. In the end, illustrators have a few juicy stories to tell of their own! Cyd's conference and festival appearances are great for parent nights, teacher conferences, artist guilds, and more.

Virtual Visits

In-school visits are always best, but Cyd will sometimes meet through Skype or iChat for a 30-minute Q&A. You might even get a sneak peek into her latest project on the drawing board!

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

Cyd brings her own AV equipment, including document camera, projector, and computer. Please provide the biggest screen or white wall possible, a microphone, a table, an extension cord and power strip, and loads of excited kids!


For rates and fees please fill out our Author Request form and the Author Visits Manager will respond shortly.

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