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Visit Kit

Sarah Aspinall Author Visit Kit


PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5

Sarah Aspinall has been drawing all her life, and she loves to paint as much as her little penguins do! The oldest of eight children, she grew up in the English countryside; later she came to the United States and graduated with a degree in illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Over the years, Sarah's work has included the creation of costumes, props, characters, and designs for children's television, animation, and theater. Her work has been exhibited in London, Mexico, California, and New England. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her mischievous black cat, Mugglewump. You can visit her at

Description of the Author’s Presentation

Sample Workshop with Sarah Aspinall

Sarah reads aloud Penguins Love Colors and talks about her process.

Together, Sarah and the class talk about each of the penguins and how their names relate to the associated colors in the book. The children are encouraged to talk about their favorite colors and to name other things that share that same color. Why do they like or dislike certain colors and for what reasons?

Each student will be given a penguin template and asked to personalize their penguin by coloring it in, and giving their penguin a name.

Once the templates are colored in, the children choose a hat for their penguin, which Sarah will help them attach to the art work.

The children will introduce their penguin to the rest of the class. Together, Sarah and the class will discuss how and why they chose the colors

This workshop provides a great opportunity for students to master National Core Arts Standards for the Visual Arts for Grades PreK-1 including:

  • engaging in exploration and imaginative play with materials
  • sharing materials with others
  • using a variety of art making tools
  • sharing and talking about personal art work
  • classifying artwork based on different reasons for preferences
  • comparing images that represent the same subject
  • describing what an image represents
    recognizing that people make art
  • identifying the purpose of an art work

Language Arts Activity: Interactive Story­time
Benchmark: Engage in book-sharing experiences with purpose and understanding, provide comments relevant to the context.

Read Penguins Love Colors aloud during storytime. Encourage students to identify colors on each page of the book. Ask students to match the penguin’s name with the col­or, then ask them what other things are that color. As a class, count the number of penguins on each page.

Activity: Visit from Sarah
Benchmark: With teacher assistance, describe the role of an author and illustrator. Via skype or in-person, Sarah can visit the classroom and talk about her process for writing and illustrating Penguins Love Colors.
Visual Arts Activity: Coloring Sheets
Benchmark: Investigate and participate in activities using visual arts materials.

Using the provided coloring sheets, students can experi­ment with different art materi­als (crayons, markers, paint) to get different effects. Using paint, students can mix colors to create new ones, learning about primary and secondary colors.
Social/Emotional Activity: Color Hunting
Benchmark: Describe self-us­ing several basic characteristics.

Students share their favorite color and are then tasked with finding that color in the book. Students share the colors of their shirts, pants, and shoes, then try to find that color in the book. Teacher points to colors in the book and then asks students to find that color somewhere on their body.
Sarah Aspinall also provides a variety of other workshops, some better suited to older grades.
These include experimental mark making, creative collaboration, digital art, collage, and the repurposing of used materials.

Materials and Resources:
Sarah will provide penguin templates and penguin hats.

Additional Materials Required:
Coloring pencils, crayons, markers, paints, brushes, glue sticks.

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