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Paige Britt Author Visit Kit


PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

Paige Britt creates classroom experiences that both educate and inspire. She is the author of The Lost Track of Time,“an exuberant homage to the power of imagination and creative problem-solving” (Publishers Weekly, starred review). Her picture book Why Am I Me? celebrates both humanity and diversity, and was called a “mindful, captivating ode to wonder and a must for any story-or bedtime repertoire” (Kirkus Review, starred review).

Paige studied journalism in college and theology in graduate school, but never stopped believing that children and their books had the answers to life’s most important questions. She lives near Austin, Texas, with her husband. Learn more at

Description of the Author’s Presentation

How to Be a Great Moodler

Grades 3-12
50 minutes

This immersive group experience inspires confidence and creativity in young writers. Paige opens by giving everyone a “ticket” to the Realm of Possibility — a blank piece of paper. To redeem their ticket, students must come up with one idea of what life would be like if anything was possible.

Next, they learn how to turn their idea into a story by “moodling.” Moodling involves letting your mind wander and taking notes along the way. When Paige breaks out in Worry Warts (I’m not good enough! No one will read this!) the students must help come up with a cure. This presentation can also include a reader’s theater from The Lost Track of Time.

Why Am I Me?

Grades PreK-3
35 minutes

Small people have big questions! Paige begins her presentation by asking everyone to think of the biggest questions they can. She then shares all the things she wondered about as a child. Why is the sky blue? Do cows ever give chocolate milk? Who am I?

Next, she reads her picture book, Why Am I Me? and then leads everyone in a game designed to help them discover ways we are different and ways we are all the same. This engaging presentation encourages children to celebrate both unity and diversity.

Where Do Books Come From?

Grades 3-12
50 minutes

In this interactive presentation, Paige tells students how she went from scribbling ideas in her notebook as a kid, to writing for a living. She even reads a story she wrote in third grade. Students are often curious where writers get their ideas, so Paige brings along one of her “moodle” notebooks to share. She introduces students to the Hero’s Journey and shows how she used elements of her own life as the basis for her stories. She then leads students through a fun activity to demonstrate how they can do the same.

Conference and Festival Appearances

Paige enjoys speaking at conferences and is just as comfortable talking about the nuts and bolts of writing, as she is talking about fostering creativity in yourself or your students. She is happy to create a presentation to fit your needs.

Virtual Visits

Paige can easily drop by your classroom for 30 minutes via Skype or FaceTime. She enjoys reading aloud from her books or answering questions about the writing process, and can even give kids a sneak peek at her current creative projects.

AV and Tech Needs for In-Person Visits

Paige brings her own computer, power cord, and VGA adapter, but does need a projector and a screen. A microphone is also appreciated for large groups.


$1,000 per day for up to three presentations, plus travel expenses

$100 for a 30-minute Skype session

Ordering Books

Schools and libraries may order books at a discounted rate by visiting The Scholastic Teacher Store or by calling 1-800-SCHOLASTIC.

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