Cleo is missing, and Savannah and Luthor are determined to find her!  Unfortunately, there's a lot of monkey business going on that's making their search and rescue much more difficult!

Cleopatra is a capuchin monkey and Luthor is a huge great dane.  The two are almost never apart-Cleo rides on the back of Luthor's neck, clinging to the fur on his head.  But now Cleopatra is missing and Luthor is so upset he can't even eat, and whimpers instead of growling.  It's a good thing that Savannah, Ben, and Griffen are on the case. 

The search has just begun when Luthor suddenly yanks his leash away from Griffen, and begins to run across yards and through flowerbeds.  He ends up on Savannah's front porch, and when she sees what he'd dropped on the porch in front of her, she screams.  "She's been kidnapped!  This is the banana that someone used to lure her away from the backyard-her smell is all over it.  That's why Luthor went crazy."

Griffen is still "The Man with the Plan," but before he can come up with anything, their class goes on a field trip to a floating zoo, and who should they find among the thin, sick, mistreated and dirty animals in filthy cages, but Cleo!  Savannah immediately demands that the owner return her monkey, but the man says that he has all the papers necessary to prove he owns her, and that she isn't Cleo, and he's willing to go to court to prove it. 

Savannah has to leave Cleo at the zoo, and all the adults she talks to-teachers, parents, lawyers-tell her there's no way to get her back.  Will "The Man with the Plan" be able to do what everyone tells him is impossible?


This booktalk written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, author, consultant, and booktalker extraordinaire.