This lively display, perfect for autumn and October, takes only a few minutes to build.

What You Need:

  • For each student or group, a large piece of green construction paper measuring 40-inches by 2-inches. (Or several strips glued together to measure 40 inches long.)
  • Orange, green, brown, white, and black construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Give each student or group a long green strip.
  2. Direct the students to cut one side of the green strip so that it has a wavy edge.
  3. Have them fold the strip every eight inches. Each fold should be in the opposite direction as the last, in order to form a zigzag.
  4. Have students draw five pumpkins of different sizes and shapes on the orange paper, then cut out their pumpkins.
  5. Students draw a stem for each pumpkin on the brown paper and cut them out.
  6. Students draw vines or leaves for the pumpkins on the green paper and cut those out.
  7. Using the black and white paper, have students cut out eyes and mouths.
  8. Students can use their creativity to add a silly face to each pumpkin.
  9. Finally, have the students glue each pumpkin onto a different layer of the green zigzag strip. Tell them to spread the pumpkins out so that they do not overlap, then glue in place.