Read the news story. Then, answer the questions in complete sentences.

Last year, a famous American symbol got cleaned up! The symbol is Mount Rushmore. That is a place where you can see the faces of four U.S. Presidents. These huge faces are carved in the side of a mountain.

The faces were carved more than 60 years ago. Over time, they got dirty. It wasn’t easy to clean the faces. Each one is about 60 feet tall, or as tall as 10 adults.

To clean the faces, workers had to climb Mount Rushmore with ropes. They used special hoses to spray the faces clean. It took them three weeks to finish. Now, people can see the Presidents’ faces more clearly.

1. How tall are the faces on Mount Rushmore?

2. What tools did workers use to clean the faces?

3. How do you think the faces got dirty?

4. What would be a good title for this article?

Brain Builder: Why do you think it is important to keep Mount Rushmore clean?