Wolves of the Beyond #1: Lone Wolf Video Booktalk

In The Beyond, a wolf pup is considered to be malcadh, or cursed, if it is born with a physical flaw. When a pup is declared malcadh, it is removed from the clan and left to die in the wild.

However, not all pups die. So begins the story of the wolf, Faolan. Born with a splayed paw that has a swirled star on its footpad, Faolan is declared cursed and left on an icy river.

At this same river, a female grizzly bear is mourning the loss of her cub. She comes across the wolf pup and begins caring for him as if he were her son.

The grizzly and wolf form a strong relationship that is unheard of between two species. The grizzly, called Thunderheart for the strength of her beating heart, shows Faolan how to hunt and fish. While showing him the ways of the grizzly bear, she discovers that he has extraordinary abilities and a fierce intelligence. 

One day, when Faolan is out exploring, he uncovers the Cave Before Time, which has beautiful drawings of wolf history. He is surprised that the Cave's pictures also have images of the swirl that he has on his paw.

Does this mean that his paw might not be a "flaw?" That it might be something of importance in wolf history?

Join Faolan on his incredible journey in Wolves of the Beyond: Lone Wolf by Kathryn Lasky. Discover what it takes to be a survivor.