Wolven video booktalk

Twelve-year-old Nat has been sad since his dad ran away, so his granddad decides that the family needs a dog. And not just any dog, but a very special one, and preferably a puppy!

On the family’s trip to a farm, they are introduced to the weirdest looking dog they’ve ever seen. This dog is not a pure-bred and definitely no puppy. Its fur is matted and looks like it was cut with scissors. It smells incredibly bad. And it has the biggest head ever!

And then the strangest thing happens. While the family is discussing whether or not to adopt the dog, Nat has a weird daydream. He sees what will happen if the dog doesn’t get adopted, and it isn’t pretty. So Nat decides that the family must get the dog to save it from a terrible future!

Nat takes the dog home and names him Woody. When he discovers the word “Proteus” tattooed on Woody, he realizes that Woody isn’t a normal dog. Proteus was a Greek god who could change his shape. Whoa! Does that mean that Woody can transform? Is Woody just an average dog, or is he . . . something else? What is Woody’s true identity?