Wish video booktalk

Olivia's twin sister, Violet, has died and the family hasn't been the same. When her mother insists that Olivia accompany her to a company function, Olivia goes through a box of Violet's clothing and decides to wear one of Violet's dresses. The dress has a large tear in it, so Olivia brings it to the first tailoring shop she can find.

When the seamstress accidentally delivers the wrong dress to Olivia's house, Olivia has no choice but to wear it to the party. While riding home that night from the party, Olivia begins to cry and wishes that her sister were back in her life.

Well, imagine Olivia's surprise when she wakes up the next morning to discover her sister sitting on the windowsill! How is this possible? How could her wish have come true?

Returning to the seamstress, Olivia discovers that she has been granted three wishes. Each wish must be made while wearing a different dress that the seamstress makes.

Now close your eyes and imagine that you have been granted three wishes. Before you make a wish, you must know the rules. The first rule about Wish Club is you do not talk about Wish Club. The second rule about Wish Club is that you DO NOT talk about Wish Club. You also cannot wish for something global, like world peace. You can't wish for additional wishes, or the same wish twice.

Olivia has two wishes remaining. What will she wish for?