We got lots of great ideas for innovative ways to have students share what they are reading. Here are the top winning ideas to go beyond book reports in your classroom as well. Each of these entries in our Winning Ideas Monthly Contest won $50 in the Scholastic products.

Reading Review Bulletin Board

Submitted by Andrea Moore, Elmwood-Murdock Jr-Sr. High School, Murdock, NE

I have a reading review bulletin board poster. Next to the poster I have an enveloope full of mini "Reading Reviews" asking for the book's title, author, a few sentences giving their opinion of the book, and 5 blank stars for them to fill in. Students fill out a review and staple it on the board. I have it divided into sections for each of my three grades. This way a 7th grader can see what other students that age are reading or, if he or she is an advanced reader, can check out the 8th or 9th grade sections.

Think, Pair, Share

Submitted by Kelly Small, East Port Elementary School, Eastport, NY

After the students have read a book, they think about the main idea of the book and what they liked about the book.  Then, they hop, skip, or jump around the room in order to pair up with another student. I have the students do activities such as hopping, skipping,and jumping so that they are physically active.  Then, they must share what they read with their partner.  This is a great way to get students thinking about what they have read.  It is also a great way for students to become excited and interested in reading new books that their classmates have told them about. 

Buddy Reading Interview

Submitted by Diane Foose, New Bloomfield Elementary School, New Bloomfield, PA

An idea I have used in my second grade classroom to have students share their reading while also integrating technology is to have students buddy read a story, write a script, and conduct an interview of the main character. The students first read the story and then decide on important events to include. After writing and practicing the script, I videotape the students conducting the interview. We then put it into Movie Maker and let their classmates view their interview. I also post it on my school website for parents to view.

Book Ads

Submitted by Kim Dailey, Greenback Public School, Greenback, TN

What makes adults go buy what they see advertised?  It's the hook!  We begin by talking about and looking at advertisements.  We discuss color, layout, creativity, and describing words. After students read a book they like, they create an advertisement to share with the class and then post.  This activity takes one good lesson at the beginning of the year, then students create advertisements throughout the year.  We post new ads for about 2 weeks, then students take them down and add them to their portfolio.  Some have even gotten "high tech" and made power point presentations and videos!


Submitted by Melissa Dean, PS 143 Louis Armstrong School, Corona, NY

My 5th Grade students create podcasts using "Audacity" on our laptops in the classroom. After completing a book, the students write a "script" of what they are going to say during their Podcast.  They must give a brief description of the book, without giving away the ending, and try to convince their classmates to go out and read the book!
Their podcasts sound something like, "I just finished reading a really great story by (author) called (title).  I love this book because......  It got really exciting when.....  Dying to know what happens next?  Grab a copy of (title) and start reading it today!" The students can listen to each other's podcasts by plugging in a set of headphones to the laptop and selecting the podcast that they would like to hear.  The kids LOVE to hear themselves and listen to each other.  You don't have to be a technology expert to do this, it's VERY simple and the kids will love it!