Encourage students to use these resources to learn more about bicycle, skateboard, scooter, and roller blade safety. Challenge them to point out and discuss any unsafe or questionable practices (especially in books).


It's Great to Skate, by Alexa Witt (Aladdin Library, 2000).

Marvin Redpost: Super Fast, Out of Control!, by Louis Sachar (Random House, 2000).

Rhinos Who Skateboard, by Julie Mammano (Chronicle Books, 1999).

Bicycle Book, by Gail Gibbons (Holiday House, 1995).

Skateboard Monsters, by Daniel Kirk (Puffin, 1995).

D.W. Rides Again, by Marc Brown (Little Brown & Co.,1993).

Web Sites

Bicycle Safety Tips

Skateboard Safety from Think Safe

Scooter Safety Tips from the Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center