We're always working to improve your experience on our site. You may notice the recent changes we're making to save you time and bring more of our best content directly to you.

Here are ways we're responding to your suggestions:

1. New Teacher Homepage

On the Teacher Homepage we now highlight five features at a time, making it easier than ever to get to our most current content. Use the white buttons to flip between features — and come back often for new resources and teaching ideas.

Teacher Homepage


2. Weekly Online Activity Highlights

Each week in our online activities area, we're highlighting the timeliest activities and learning units. It's part of making it quick and easy to maximize your time in the computer lab or classroom computer center.

Weekly Online Activity Highlights


3. Expanded Search for Lesson Plans

Timely and new lessons are easier than ever to find in our lesson plan area. Here, we've refined our search just for lesson plans, units, and teachable articles. Enter any or all curriculum essentials: keyword, grade, and subject. On the results page, use the categories in the left-hand column to drill down and find what you need fast. You'll access more than 10,000 resources: teacher-created lessons, plus creative ideas from award-winning professional magazines like Instructor and Early Childhood Today.

Lesson Plan Search


4. More Breaking News

We've improved our "Today's News" link from the Teacher Homepage to bring you directly to Scholastic News Online. There you'll find a wealth of resources including the daily news story, special reports, featured stories by kid reporters, and games and quizzes to support current events in your classroom.

Scholastic News Online

5. New Look for Our Teacher Update Email Newsletter

In the coming months, you'll notice changes to the look of our email newsletter. We're adding more for you — like new book information and photos of classrooms in action — and we're streamlining it to be easier for you to get to the great learning content, free printables, and quick teachable moments you want each month.

Keep an eye on us! We want to make your teaching life easier.

Please continue to tell us what you like, what you don't like, and what you want to see. Contact us at Customer_Feedback@scholastic.com — and be sure to let us know if you want to be part of the test group for additional changes.