How to create a culture of achievement in your classroom.

  1. At the beginning of the school year, have your students write and sign a contract. The contract should include behavioral as well as academic expectations.
  2. Keep your eyes on the prize. Make long-term goals clear and present. Post them around the room, and have students design posters of their own. (College is constantly discussed at KIPP.)
  3. Compose a class motto similar to the "No Shortcuts" idea. Have students offer suggestions and vote for the favorite.
  4. Model what an attentive student looks like and reinforce it with role-plays.
  5. Encourage peers to create a dynamic and harmonious classroom. Include ample opportunity for group projects and discussion. Teach children how to listen and respond to their peers' ideas.
  6. Use discipline that allows students to learn from their mistakes. The apology letter to the class enables the offender to see that his behavior detracts from his peers' learning.
  7. Plan at least one outside of school enrichment activity. You may even want to have field trips as rewards for academic achievement. (KIPP has Saturday activities.)