This is a great activity for hand-eye coordination and to ignite your students' creativity.


  • 2 pieces of pink or red or white construction paper 12" by 18" per student 
  • 40" piece of rove or yarn (hot pink rove is used in the picture) with masking tape tied to the end of one side

Set Up and Prepare

  1. Before the students assemble their card holders, cut both pieces of construction paper in the shape of a heart and glue the edges together.
  2. After the glue dries, take a hole punch and punch holes around the edges of the heart.
  3. Precut various colors of heart shapes for the students to choose.


  1. The students weave the rove in and out of the holes.
  2. The students use the heart shapes to decorate the card holders.
  3. Guided writing: Write "Happy Valentine's Day" with the students on the card holders.

Class Management Tip: I tell the parents how many students we have in the class. The students are to sign the cards but are not to address the cards to each individual student. This makes the time it takes to pass out the cards much quicker.