Classical Archives 
With tens of thousands of full-length recordings, the Classical Archives is an important stop for students who are interested in classical music. The Featured section contains a collection of MP3s by well-known orchestras and instrumental soloists. Visit the Archives to find biographies of thousands of composers, along with examples of their music. Aspiring young musicians may especially enjoy the Learning section filled with tips on how to have more fun with music and how to get better results from practice time.

The Rock + Roll Hall of Fame for Teachers 
With 78 interdisciplinary topics, from the Salem Witch Trials to the Bill of Rights, teachers will find music connections that are sure to engage students. Consider using the music of Jimmy Hendrix to illustrate the ways in which poetic devices such as personification can enhance the meaning of a poem. Protest songs from the 1960s help bring the civil rights movement to life for young listeners. If you didn't think rock and roll had a place in the classroom, this site will convince you otherwise.
In this creative online environment, children of all ages can play with virtual musical instruments as well as enjoy games and puzzles. This site strives to help kids compose music with the same joy and ease they experience while they're engaged in other creative activities, such as drawing or playing with blocks.

PBS Jazz 
Looking to find out more information about legendary jazz figures such as Count Basie? Check out this companion site to the Ken Burns PBS documentary Jazz. The extensive biographies feature audio samples and links to other artists. Students can play games and view a jazz time-line by visiting Kids Jazz. In Class-room, teachers will find lessons and activities for grades K-12.

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
This fantastic site features musical instruments that were played during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Click on an instrument's name to view it, read about it, and listen to a sound clip. The unique instruments will delight students, and names such as "hurdy-gurdy" will surely provoke some giggles! Visit this site to complement a unit on the Renaissance, and to enhance a literary unit on Shakespeare's England and the music of the Elizabethan theater.
At, students can listen for free to hundreds of original children's songs. From toe-tapping instrumentals to silly sing-alongs such as Roger Day's It's a No No to Kiss a Rhino, this site is teeming with hours of musical amusement - all with lyrics included. Extend the fun by visiting the Workshop to find how to make instruments that children can use to play along with the songs.