Into the Volcano video booktalk

A mysterious journey, a dangerous job to do, and adventures far beyond what Duffy and Sumo had ever imagined.

Duffy and Sumo felt like the whole world was crazy, but they had no idea why or how. Their father took them out of school, told them they were going to Kocalaha, the island their mother was from. After that, they met a huge bald man named Come and Go, who was their cousin, they flew halfway around the world in a private jet, hiked through island jungles, and met the strange old woman who turned out to be their aunt. 

But the strangest things were yet to come. An unexpected lava flow from the island’s volcano changed all their plans. Suddenly, their trip to see the volcano wasn’t three days away, but later that night! Come and Go went out to gather supplies, and when he came back, he’d changed his mind about the trip. The lava was moving too fast, the trip would be too dangerous. When Auntie heard that, she flew into a rage. “You get out there and do what must be done! Uphold our honor! If they get it off the island, it’s gone forever!” Come and Go gave in — the trip was a go.

In spite of the huge waves in the lagoon, they managed to get around the island and into the Iki King Bay, where rivers of molten lava flowed down the slopes and into the bay. Suddenly, Duffy and Sumo realized where they were going — between the lava flows and into the volcano itself! 

What was in store for them?  What did they have to find, and why was it so important?


This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, librarian, consultant, and internationally known booktalking expert.