Explore and access all the videos in the Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today unit with this helpful guide. The videos listed here are found in the history of immigration in America timeline and the interactive tour of Ellis Island.

The Pilgrims Survive New England Winters
In this video filmed at the Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts, a historical interpreter takes on the role of Miles Standish; he talks about the difficult winters the Pilgrims faced in the New World.

The Statue of Liberty
Learn the history of this famous symbol of America. Why is Lady Liberty green? Where did she come from? This Scholastic News video about the Statue of Liberty answers all these questions and more!

Landing at Ellis Island
This historical footage from 1903 shows immigrants arriving by boat to Ellis Island and coming ashore with their belongings.

Arrival at Ellis Island
A film from 1906 that shows immigrants carrying their baggage as they arrive on Ellis Island, as well as the exterior of the main building.

The Great Depression and the New Deal
This historical film, commissioned by the Works Projects Administration (WPA) in the 1930s and directed by Orson Welles, is meant to show how African-Americans benefited from the New Deal.

News Parade of the Year: 1945
A historical film from 1945 that shows the major events of that tumultuous year, including the Allies fighting in Berlin and Truman becoming president after Roosevelt’s death.