Kai is Dana’s best friend, they do everything together. But why is she the only one who can see him? And why can’t she touch him, even though he seems as real and solid as she is.

Dana has known Kai for nine years. He’s her best friend, and they go everywhere together. But she doesn’t know who or what he is. He looks like a handsome blond boy with laughing eyes, an easy smile and a wicked sense of humor. But although he can help her gather eggs, lift heavy buckets of water, and carry hay to feed the horses, she cannot touch him. Her hand passes through him like mist. No one else can see him, and he says he’s from a different plane of life, and the only reason Dana can see him and the others can’t, is because she’s special.

When Dana is ten, the Maestro invites her to come and study with him in the Valley of the Wolves. Dana’s parents are poor farmers, and the money the Maestro gives them for their daughter will help feed their large family for many months. When the Maestro, Dana and Kai arrive at the Tower in the Valley of the Wolves, Dana discovers that the Maestro is a master sorcerer, and the Tower is a school for apprentice sorcerers

For the next five years Dana studies hard. But then she begins to see a vision of a woman in a gold tunic, who tells her to “look for the unicorn.” Dana looks up everything she can find on unicorns, but nothing tells her how to find one. Finally, she asks the woman, who whispers “Full moon.” Perhaps the unicorn can only be seen in the light of a full moon. But the Maestro has told her never to go into the woods at night. The wolves are too dangerous. But when the next full moon arrives, Dana teleports herself, her horse and Kai into the woods, in search of the unicorn.

What will they find there, and what will it mean for Dana, her training, her powers, and her relationship with Kai? She is seeking her destiny, but what will it be, and what sacrifices will she have to make to achieve it?

This booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart.