Will Rosa ever know who her parents were and learn about her past so that she can plan her future?

He named us Rosalia and Domingo de Milagros, and we lived with him at the mission for four years until Gregorio came to the mission and took us back to the Medina rancho. He is the head vaquero on the rancho and Lupita is the cook. They have no children, but have raised several orphans. They are good and kind, and the closest thing to parents that I have. I love them dearly, but in my heart, I still feel lonely. I wonder about my past, my parents, and the father I have never seen. It is a good thing that we are always so busy working on the rancho, for it keeps my sad thoughts away.

It is a good life here on the rancho, but talk is spreading about the war Mexico is fighting with Texas, and how that will affect us in California. We are part of Mexico, yet we are so far from the capital in Mexico City, that sometimes it feels like we are indeed a separate country. What would happen if we decided to rule ourselves or become a part of the United States? Would we still have our beautiful rancho or would it be taken from us?

This booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart.