At Pensacola Catholic High School, Michelle Bourgeois works with teachers to help them integrate online tools into their classroom. For example, Western Civilization teacher Christine Day used Google Docs to have student groups report on world religions. Her students were divided into teams of four and six and given seven questions to answer in their report. Her students spent time both in and out of class researching and writing their portion of the final product. See a sample of their final product.

In another example, English teacher Nancy Collins had her literature students create a wiki to share their understanding of the characters from The Canterbury Tales. Each student translated a section of the General Prologue and then created a “ChaucerSpace” page for their pilgrim. Take a look at their wiki.

Gayle Berthiaume's students study the paper-making process in science and then take a trip to a local paper recycling plant which also fits into their social studies goods and services unit. They create a book about their trip as a writing experience.

Integrating math and social studies, Gayle Berthiaume's students created a book called Circles Around the World. They used copyright-free online photos along with photos they took to illustrate their book.